If you truly want to find ‘The Easy Way To Win the Game of Life’! and change your life for the better, have more freedom and the money necessary to live the life you decide is appropriate for you; you need a very different income model other than going to work for someone else or depending on others for your income. If you make a plan to build a second income while keeping the security of your current employment, then it is entirely feasible that you can eventually earn more from your online business than your current job or source of money. I want to help you achieve this happy situation.


There is very little that is fundamentally new in the digital marketing world, there are established models many of which are based on ‘Direct Marketing’ techniques that have been in use for hundreds of years!


In fact I started direct marketing back in 1980 where I would have to find leads from the phone book, send them a letter with an order form. If they were interested (we had no way of knowing !) they would send back the order form (with a cheque hopefully) – then I would have to print the booklets I was selling; I called them ‘FactPacks’ and they explained how to create and run themed promotional nights in night clubs.


If they had not sent a cheque I would take a chance and send the booklets hoping they would pay me, but, if they had already paid I had to hope they liked my product and did not request a refund! From beginning to end the process could take from 2 weeks to a month to complete.


How different it is today; with online research, detailed statistics, targeted advertising, instant payment, delivery downloads 24/7/365, finally that most products are created once and delivered digitally (no printing, postage, envelopes), it is truly an amazing opportunity today in comparison.


The main innovations are in the amount of detailed market knowledge and opportunities to target your best prospect type precisely and then to automate the marketing process almost entirely, finally you can track the statistics and metrics at every stage enabling you to adjust your campaigns in real time so you minimise losses and maximise profits.


Carl-Henry-make-money-onlineI’m going to give you the basic online business models with tips and clues about how to run the business and choose your subject to focus on, I am going to help you find the tools you need online, keep you  focused and maintain momentum (check out http://www.fb.me/carlhenrymotivation which might be of interest). All you have to do is join me by entering your name and email address in the boxes below and we will get started !

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