Carl-Henry-Make-Money-Online-sign-up-form-with-free-giftWhen creating a 2nd Income Online; Before you start generating traffic to your online business you need a method of capturing the name and email address of people who visit your web page. Some people call this a squeeze page or landing page, it simply the place where your traffic first arrives when you attract them to your website that allows your leads to join your email list by filling in a short form.
It is essential you do not request too much information at this very early stage as it could put them off and they will leave, at this stage it would be enough to ask them for a name and email address (which they will confirm), or just their email address, which will be captured by a short form and added to your database.
Is also very important that the look and content of the landing page exactly matches the advertising that attracted the traffic in the first place, there must be consistency of colours, images and branding so that people develop trust and do not feel like they have been diverted to a different website.
You will find that the primary advice when creating an online business is; that you must build a list of interested and responsive people if you hope to have a sustainable online business. The phrase you will hear a lot is “the money is in the list”, your email list is your online businesses most valuable asset, some say it is worth an average of one $/€/£ per subscriber per month if you have a properly structured marketing system.
The two services I recommend are;

Your email list will contain people who could pay you money for months and years to come. To maintain this level of loyalty you need to treat each one of them as though they are a close friend and care about their needs and wants. You must constantly, and consistently, maintain a dialogue with them and fully understand what they need from you.  If you do this effectively your email list will become more and more loyal and more responsive to buying your products in the future.

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