Carl-Henry-Make-Money-Online-Autoresponder-calenderWhen creating a 2nd Income Online; Your main job is to focus on the marketing of your online business, some say 80% of your time should be spent on this, so you must find ways to automate the sales process.

Your online business system should be selling while you drive more potential customers to it. After people give you their name and email address you need to have a system in place to deliver a series of emails that are designed to build a relationship and offer additional products for them to buy.
This is called an “autoresponder”, normally an online service where you pay a monthly or annual service fee, that will provide you with the signup form facility described before and will allow you to create a series of emails which are pre-written and will be delivered at pre-set intervals in the days, weeks and months that follows their subscription to your email list.
In most cases a person needs to be offered a product between three and seven times before they will buy online, each time they see your offer it should be supported by further proof of your skills and expertise. Each email that you set up gives you an opportunity to offer more free advice and reinforce your authority and expertise in the mind of the reader.
You need to maintain a delicate balance between “giving and asking” for the sale, there is no problem asking for the sale if the proposition does not look too one-sided in your favour. If you imagine that you are dealing with your best friend, your brother or sister, or even a close relative you would immediately know how to act with them if you needed to ask them a favour. You would show empathy and caring and you would ensure that whatever you were asking would be of high value to them.
Maintaining consistent honest contact with your prospects is vital if you wish to develop a relationship with them, remember you will probably never meet these customers so your only way of building trust is by regular communication.

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